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About Mano

Mariano “Mano” Ardissone is Founder and Director of Ayama Yoga & Healing Arts center in North Miami Beach, FL. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems from Florida International University, a Master’s degree in Chinese Medical Qigong from the International Institute of Medical Qigong, and a Doctorate degree in Chinese Medical Qigong from the Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences, and a Master’s degree in Acupuncture and Herbology from the Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine, Florida.

A teacher of Yoga for 20 years and having trained and certified over 120 teachers, he has dedicated his life to the service of humanity. He believes there is only ONE Yoga, different ways to go about it, and different elements that support, shape, and enhance its teaching and practice, yet all leading to the same goal. As of lately, his interest has focused on understanding and practicing the essential knowledge that underlies all healing and Yogic traditions as ONE way.

“Technique is only a small part of the actual teaching and healing process, true transformation is triggered mostly as the inevitable reflection of the vibration and consciousness of the Yoga teacher and healer, who were once one and the same.”

Mano is naturally gifted, highly intuitive and practical, compassionate and understanding. He cares for each patient and student individually, since everyone’s constitution, needs and possibilities are different and unique.

“Despite all techniques, true healing happens when a pure vehicle aligns with the Divine and a vibration manifests high enough to propel and support a positive change. This process is rooted in the realization, the understanding and the empowered belief of our self-created realities.”

I took a private class with Mano to help with relaxation and improving my meditation techniques and left with a feeling of improvement in my overall wellbeing. As a result of working together, I became happier and realized what should matter more and what should matter less. It really helped me to handle the emotional part of life.

Inga Miller

I went to Mano with an ankle injury and noticed remarkable improvements in my physical health. He is a very experienced and intuitive teacher and has more technical command of the body than countless other instructors I have encountered.

Gabriel Sanchez

I decided to take private lessons with Mano in order to learn and correct my poses. He is very knowledgeable not just with yoga, but with Chinese Medicine as well and I was able to see amazing improvement in my mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Mano is so passionate about what he does and he’s a fantastically sincere and reliable teacher – I would definitely recommend booking a session with him.

Myriam Sutton

Mano just knows what is best for you. He helps you to become more aware of your body and its needs. This way you reach your goals much faster than in a group class. He will focus on you and your body and explain to you exactly what you need to do. I started private classes with Mano because I needed a routine for a specific health issue and also for neck & shoulder pain and I found immense improvement in my physical health. He is a great teacher! He empowers you to do your best, is super professional, caring and knowledgeable.

Judith Marin Costa

I had many healing sessions with Mano, and really I only go to him if some part of my body hurts. I do not go to doctors or take any medication. He uses all sorts of techniques including QiGong, deep pressure points, Thai massage and adjustments in Yoga postures. After a session with him, my pain is gone and my overall flow of energy is better.

Barbara Jordan

I had taken Mano’s group classes before and due to my Plantar Fasciitis, I decided to try some one-on-one work with Mano. He used a technique called Rolfing and it was extremely relieving. Mano is very professional, highly educated and intuitively gifted.

Samantha Suaya

I went to Mano for a heel injury and he thoughtfully listened to my problem, told me what he was going to do and explained the procedure.

Karrie Griffith

I find that Mano’s teaching style resonates a lot with me and I love to challenge myself.

Prior to the training, I had attended a few yoga classes, but it was Ayama Yoga as a whole, and Mano and Kristina in particular, that inspired me to continue to develop my practice to this day.

The teacher training pushed me to keep developing my practice and mastering more complicated postures, including inversions. I would definitely recommend this TT to others – Mano has an extensive background and practice, so there is a lot to learn from him.

Lilyana Kirecheva

This Yoga teacher training changed my life. I now start every single day of my life with Yoga – I teach Yoga and I never stop learning and discovering myself through Yoga. Even if you don’t plan to become a teacher, you become a better student. You get a much better understanding of yourself, and that’s very worth it alone.

Inna Joyce

Transformative. Life changing.

I had been practicing yoga, mostly Ashtanga, for about 10 years at the time I started the training. I was interested in a teacher training that would offer me more than sequencing – I wanted an experience of jnana, bhakti and hatha. He seamless offers that in his training, just as he does in class. The reading was one of my favorite aspects, as well as the components of course that explored the more subtle aspects of yoga — the koshas, the chakras etc. One does not typically have exposure to such things in standard 200 hour YTT. I emerged from my teacher training extraordinarily well prepared. This I realized when I went to my 500 training elsewhere and recognized how much richness and depth I had been exposed to with Mano. Now that I am a yoga therapist and I train other teachers, I still use my notes and materials from my 200 hour training. It’s been by far the most comprehensive, holistic and thoughtfully designed training I have taken.

Deborah O'Neil

Before starting Teacher Training, I had recently become a widow and was in the process of healing from past trauma. I was going through many profound physical, emotional and mental changes simultaneously at the time, and this training was special for me in every way, through every layer. I’m now a yoga teacher and have consistently used the training to deepen my own on, and off, the mat journey. If you’re considering taking it, dive right in – the training is beneficial to all, it is organized and educational.

Suzie Hennessy

I was already 10 years into my Yoga journey when I started flirting with the idea of doing a TT. The training opened the door to some concepts I was not familiar with. It helped me to re-acquaint and remember the body structure and functioning and its relationship to the psyche and emotions. Both in my practice and teaching, it created more awareness and aspiration for a good form and optimization of the use of the muscles, joints and energy. If you’re looking for a teacher who is knowledgeable, peaceful, reflective and who manages a way to communicate complex concepts, Mano is the one.

Claudia Gallegos

After my bodywork session, my tightness and muscle pain entirely dissipated. I felt relieved of tension I had long been carrying and completely amazed that Mano was as good as the masseuses I’ve had in Thailand. He’s tremendously strong, caring and targets all the right areas.

Lorraine Boogich

Before my session, I felt in pain and stressed out. I left feeling wonderful. Mano’s strength to work on other people’s bodies, excellent technique, as well as knowledge and perception is unparalleled. The best part of this bodywork for me personally is the manipulation to recuperate my back mobility.

Claudia Gallegos

My experience during Mano’s transformational breathing session was peaceful and inspiring. I left feeling positive and balanced. It’s something I think each one of us should experience and try in a class setting as typically we are too busy to connect to our life force on our own.

Suzie Hennessy

Transformational Breathing is a very special session. I did several weekly sessions because I found it helped me a lot to release. Mano taught me how to do it, and I felt safe with him and supported through the process. It puts you in a state where through the breathing you can let go of any stuck emotions and of what is holding you back. I loved the support from Mano with the affirmations. It is a great way of healing yourself!

After the session, I felt relief. I was more in my power. I felt better physically. I was calmer and connected with myself. It’s quite challenging but the effort is so worth it.

It was fantastic and I think everyone should try at least a couple of sessions and see the big benefits. It is difficult to describe the sensation you experience during the session, but let me assure you that you will feel great after.

Judith Marin Costa

The first time I took part in this lesson, I did not believe that I would be able to complete more than 10 minutes. I had to work through anxiety, and at the same time, I trusted my teacher and that was the key to continuing and completing the class. My breath was deeper and felt my mind clear and calm, in control of my emotions. After that, every practice was better and better. Since I was introduced to this technique, I practice at home as well. I highly recommend others try this class – it is an intense and healing practice that will help you, without doubts.

Claudia Gallegos

This yoga is not for the dilettante. You do not simply “take a yoga class” with Mano. You study with him, learn from him and grow with his support. Every class is a unique experience and an opportunity to expand. Take Mano’s class if you want to understand yoga in all of its depth — physical, emotional, energetic, spiritual. I have taken yoga classes at countless studios across a wide range of styles in the United States and abroad and I have never found a teacher who parallels Mano’s teaching style and depth of knowledge about yoga. Mano’s classes uniquely combine exquisite sequencing, spot-on instruction and the opportunity to explore deeply and expand your personal practice.

Deborah O'Neil

The best thing about Mano’s class is his fantastic way of combining strength, flexibility and mindfulness. The flow of poses and of the class touch every body part – as a very active person this is perfect me! If it’s your first time, get there early, and plan to take several classes to fully understand!

Karrie Griffiths

One day I realized I had outgrown the gym and found I was looking for a better education and a deeper practice. Many classes use one or two sequences in a repetitive manner. Some believe it is a practice to grow, however, Mano’s style of teaching and practice are more suitable to my needs and likes. His classes consider the whole body, in an intense and intermediate practice. The sequences are creative and do not repeat, helping me stay attentive and present in the class. You are going to work your whole body, and it is an intense practice, both for the body and the mind. For the body, because it challenges your limits at every point – and you will see your own physical progress. For the mind, because you must be present to follow the instructions and avoid hurting, but also because the presence is a meditation in movement.

Claudia Gallegos

My absolute favorite thing about Mano’s classes are that they are always challenging! He explores unique and creative poses with his students. I’m sure anyone who attends his class will be glad they did.

Amy Robinson

I heard such amazing reviews about Mano’s studio that I had to try it out for myself. From then on I ALWAYS recommend taking his classes. They are always challenging and constantly evolving and changing. Be prepared for breathing exercises and full body stretching and strengthening. All amazing.

Myriam Sutton

After several private lessons with Mano, I felt that I wanted to incorporate a group environment into my practice as well. I immensely enjoyed his essence, gentleness and kindness during classes. I felt completely at peace and came away feeling fulfilled and one with the universe after each class. For those who haven’t tried it, I recommend doing so immediately! It will be a life changing experience for quieting the noise in one’s head and achieving internal peace.

Ana Maria Salaya-Gordon

What first drew me to trying Mano’s class was his unique energy. His group classes are a wonderful way to tap into some of his vast knowledge and to continue to expand your own. Unlike other Yoga classes, every single time I have attended class, it has been completely different. He’s a deeply interesting and pleasant teacher.

Erika Leone

Mano is very approachable, friendly, and encouraging. His classes are challenging but available for all levels. They are so much fun and I can’t believe how much I improve when doing them. You are encouraged to practice at your own level. He gives thorough and personalized instruction throughout the class. I really appreciate how he creates a real positive atmosphere and sense of community in his classes.

I would definitely encourage anyone to try Mano’s class and practice with him. Regardless of your level, you will enjoy Mano’s sense of humor, humanity, and encouragement; and in addition to having a lot of fun, your yoga practice will improve by leaps and bounds.

David Taran

I have practiced for years, and not found a yoga instructor like Mano, with such a varied array of asanas & unusual sequence pattern, plus offering pranayama intermittently. His quiet & humble teaching style & music, with keen attention to detail (when we think he doesn’t notice) and humor, make him unique.

Michelle Woods
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