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In-Person Classes

Those who like the group energy and appreciate sharing the practice with other Yogis and Yoginis are welcome to join me at Ayama Yoga & Healing Arts Center.

The Wednesdays 9:30am, Hatha Yoga class, is a slower practice that allows more time in each pose to explore alignment and inner sensation, get adjusted and transform in a more restorative way.

The Sunday 9:30am, Vinyasa Yoga – Open Level class focuses more on the flow of the practice, utilizing the conscious breath as link between the poses. Students work out a bit more. I offer variations for all levels and we make it about feeling energized and open, balanced and whole at the end of class.

The Tuesday / Thursday 9:30am, Vinyasa360 – Level 2 classes explore the practice in multidimensional space. By using 2 crossed mats, I add creativity and freedom to the movement in the sequence. In these classes we delve into more complex sequencing, advanced poses and techniques.

The Wednesday 6:15pm, Qigong Breathing & Meditation starts with standing dynamic qigong practice, involving slow, rhythmic movements synchronized with the breath, intention, and visualization. The breathing portion of the class takes place sitting in a cross-legged position. We perform various Yogic breathing exercises (pranayama). Towards the end of class, the student draws the attention inward with the practice of concentration, silent meditation and final relaxation.


This yoga is not for the dilettante. You do not simply “take a yoga class” with Mano. You study with him, learn from him and grow with his support. Every class is a unique experience and an opportunity to expand. Take Mano’s class if you want to understand yoga in all of its depth — physical, emotional, energetic, spiritual. I have taken yoga classes at countless studios across a wide range of styles in the United States and abroad and I have never found a teacher who parallels Mano’s teaching style and depth of knowledge about yoga. Mano’s classes uniquely combine exquisite sequencing, spot-on instruction and the opportunity to explore deeply and expand your personal practice.

Deborah O'Neil

The best thing about Mano’s class is his fantastic way of combining strength, flexibility and mindfulness. The flow of poses and of the class touch every body part – as a very active person this is perfect me! If it’s your first time, get there early, and plan to take several classes to fully understand!

Karrie Griffiths

One day I realized I had outgrown the gym and found I was looking for a better education and a deeper practice. Many classes use one or two sequences in a repetitive manner. Some believe it is a practice to grow, however, Mano’s style of teaching and practice are more suitable to my needs and likes. His classes consider the whole body, in an intense and intermediate practice. The sequences are creative and do not repeat, helping me stay attentive and present in the class. You are going to work your whole body, and it is an intense practice, both for the body and the mind. For the body, because it challenges your limits at every point – and you will see your own physical progress. For the mind, because you must be present to follow the instructions and avoid hurting, but also because the presence is a meditation in movement.

Claudia Gallegos

My absolute favorite thing about Mano’s classes are that they are always challenging! He explores unique and creative poses with his students. I’m sure anyone who attends his class will be glad they did.

Amy Robinson

I heard such amazing reviews about Mano’s studio that I had to try it out for myself. From then on I ALWAYS recommend taking his classes. They are always challenging and constantly evolving and changing. Be prepared for breathing exercises and full body stretching and strengthening. All amazing.

Myriam Sutton

After several private lessons with Mano, I felt that I wanted to incorporate a group environment into my practice as well. I immensely enjoyed his essence, gentleness and kindness during classes. I felt completely at peace and came away feeling fulfilled and one with the universe after each class. For those who haven’t tried it, I recommend doing so immediately! It will be a life changing experience for quieting the noise in one’s head and achieving internal peace.

Ana Maria Salaya-Gordon

What first drew me to trying Mano’s class was his unique energy. His group classes are a wonderful way to tap into some of his vast knowledge and to continue to expand your own. Unlike other Yoga classes, every single time I have attended class, it has been completely different. He’s a deeply interesting and pleasant teacher.

Erika Leone

Mano is very approachable, friendly, and encouraging. His classes are challenging but available for all levels. They are so much fun and I can’t believe how much I improve when doing them. You are encouraged to practice at your own level. He gives thorough and personalized instruction throughout the class. I really appreciate how he creates a real positive atmosphere and sense of community in his classes.

I would definitely encourage anyone to try Mano’s class and practice with him. Regardless of your level, you will enjoy Mano’s sense of humor, humanity, and encouragement; and in addition to having a lot of fun, your yoga practice will improve by leaps and bounds.

David Taran
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