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Pain, Injury & Rehabilitation

It is quite common that students get injured practicing Yoga as well as other physical activities.

My extensive education and experience with personal injuries and those of my students led me to develop simple ways of understanding injuries and effective methods to heal and bring the body and structure back to balance.

Sometimes clients go the traditional route of traditional doctors, traditional therapies, and many, many sessions of rehab that don’t quite do it for them.

Students disappear for a while thinking they cannot or should not practice, mostly because they either do not know how they got hurt in the first place or they don’t know how to modify postures in class to make it a healing and therapeutic experience that works with and supports the rehabilitation.

I educate the client in understanding the patterns that led them to the injury, the structural, physiological, energetic, psychological and spiritual implications, as well as show them the way to heal at all levels. Clients receive therapy and learn simple methods to continue the rehabilitation on their own. I invite the patients to take responsibility for where they are and empower them to take control of their healing.


I had many healing sessions with Mano, and really I only go to him if some part of my body hurts. I do not go to doctors or take any medication. He uses all sorts of techniques including QiGong, deep pressure points, Thai massage and adjustments in Yoga postures. After a session with him, my pain is gone and my overall flow of energy is better.

Barbara Jordan

I had taken Mano’s group classes before and due to my Plantar Fasciitis, I decided to try some one-on-one work with Mano. He used a technique called Rolfing and it was extremely relieving. Mano is very professional, highly educated and intuitively gifted.

Samantha Suaya

I went to Mano for a heel injury and he thoughtfully listened to my problem, told me what he was going to do and explained the procedure.

Karrie Griffith

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