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I went to Mano with an ankle injury and noticed remarkable improvements in my physical health. He is a very experienced and intuitive teacher and has more technical command of the body than countless other instructors I have encountered.

I decided to take private lessons with Mano in order to learn and correct my poses. He is very knowledgeable not just with yoga, but with Chinese Medicine as well and I was able to see amazing improvement in my mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Mano is so passionate about what he does and he’s a fantastically sincere and reliable teacher – I would definitely recommend booking a session with him.

Mano just knows what is best for you. He helps you to become more aware of your body and its needs. This way you reach your goals much faster than in a group class. He will focus on you and your body and explain to you exactly what you need to do. I started private classes with Mano because I needed a routine for a specific health issue and also for neck & shoulder pain and I found immense improvement in my physical health. He is a great teacher! He empowers you to do your best, is super professional, caring and knowledgeable.

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