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I find that Mano’s teaching style resonates a lot with me and I love to challenge myself.

Prior to the training, I had attended a few yoga classes, but it was Ayama Yoga as a whole, and Mano and Kristina in particular, that inspired me to continue to develop my practice to this day.

The teacher training pushed me to keep developing my practice and mastering more complicated postures, including inversions. I would definitely recommend this TT to others – Mano has an extensive background and practice, so there is a lot to learn from him.

This Yoga teacher training changed my life. I now start every single day of my life with Yoga – I teach Yoga and I never stop learning and discovering myself through Yoga. Even if you don’t plan to become a teacher, you become a better student. You get a much better understanding of yourself, and that’s very worth it alone.

Transformative. Life changing.

I had been practicing yoga, mostly Ashtanga, for about 10 years at the time I started the training. I was interested in a teacher training that would offer me more than sequencing – I wanted an experience of jnana, bhakti and hatha. He seamless offers that in his training, just as he does in class. The reading was one of my favorite aspects, as well as the components of course that explored the more subtle aspects of yoga — the koshas, the chakras etc. One does not typically have exposure to such things in standard 200 hour YTT. I emerged from my teacher training extraordinarily well prepared. This I realized when I went to my 500 training elsewhere and recognized how much richness and depth I had been exposed to with Mano. Now that I am a yoga therapist and I train other teachers, I still use my notes and materials from my 200 hour training. It’s been by far the most comprehensive, holistic and thoughtfully designed training I have taken.

Before starting Teacher Training, I had recently become a widow and was in the process of healing from past trauma. I was going through many profound physical, emotional and mental changes simultaneously at the time, and this training was special for me in every way, through every layer. I’m now a yoga teacher and have consistently used the training to deepen my own on, and off, the mat journey. If you’re considering taking it, dive right in – the training is beneficial to all, it is organized and educational.

I was already 10 years into my Yoga journey when I started flirting with the idea of doing a TT. The training opened the door to some concepts I was not familiar with. It helped me to re-acquaint and remember the body structure and functioning and its relationship to the psyche and emotions. Both in my practice and teaching, it created more awareness and aspiration for a good form and optimization of the use of the muscles, joints and energy. If you’re looking for a teacher who is knowledgeable, peaceful, reflective and who manages a way to communicate complex concepts, Mano is the one.

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