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My experience during Mano’s transformational breathing session was peaceful and inspiring. I left feeling positive and balanced. It’s something I think each one of us should experience and try in a class setting as typically we are too busy to connect to our life force on our own.

Transformational Breathing is a very special session. I did several weekly sessions because I found it helped me a lot to release. Mano taught me how to do it, and I felt safe with him and supported through the process. It puts you in a state where through the breathing you can let go of any stuck emotions and of what is holding you back. I loved the support from Mano with the affirmations. It is a great way of healing yourself!

After the session, I felt relief. I was more in my power. I felt better physically. I was calmer and connected with myself. It’s quite challenging but the effort is so worth it.

It was fantastic and I think everyone should try at least a couple of sessions and see the big benefits. It is difficult to describe the sensation you experience during the session, but let me assure you that you will feel great after.

The first time I took part in this lesson, I did not believe that I would be able to complete more than 10 minutes. I had to work through anxiety, and at the same time, I trusted my teacher and that was the key to continuing and completing the class. My breath was deeper and felt my mind clear and calm, in control of my emotions. After that, every practice was better and better. Since I was introduced to this technique, I practice at home as well. I highly recommend others try this class – it is an intense and healing practice that will help you, without doubts.

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